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( ( Moon Child ) )

...Torment of Hope ...

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  • moonblossom69
Namae & Alias: Aven, Fate, Angel, Ann, Alyss, Aurora, Luna, Moon, Moon Child, MoonBlossom, Moonflower, Juju, Jusan, Jyusan, Juri, Juria, Yuria, JuLia, Julia Doll, J-Doll, Porcelain Doll, China Doll, Kitty, Kitten, Parsley, Matsu, Mizuna, Mitsuki, Tsuki, Tsukiko.
Ini: J.A.P.
Birth: July 11th, 7 11
Zodiac: Cancer,(69),♋ 月子, Gemini II Complex. Moon in Venus. Ox.
Element: Water 水, Air/Aero
Ethnic: Korean, Japanese %, Caucasian
Exp: Artist

A Child of the Moon. A dreamer. An artist. A lun-a-tic. A siren. A bubble in your aqua。A bi-polar cat. An angelic rab bat. A cute little goblin. A Chimera. Imagine that! •ω•

Tokyo Girl. No means yes and yes means no.

(And... a loving mother to a beautiful baby girl.(My royal cabbit))

Known to be:
Shy, timid, quiet, anxious, sensitive, emotional, insecure, intense, introvert, protective, secretive, cautious, curious, random, not very social, sealed within, asleep, a dreamer, zoned out, a lune, open minded, friendly, caring, and at times pleasant & cheerful: flower, being, creature, persona, individual...

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http://www.xanga.com/Aven_Fate (X)
http://avenfate.wordpress.com/ (X)


My Personal Sales:

{The Voice Within}

I usually do not like to tell others much about myself... nor openly share or reveal some things that may be personal to me in some way - It's really just a part of how I tic / function... aside from other various reasons, it's what makes me feel most comfortable.

In other words I dont like to be too much of an open book, so to find out more about me you'll have to hold or find the key to unlock whats embeded within...

I tend to be lost in my own little world at times and may not even realize, know or care if someone is there or even or oddly exist in that moment... This does not mean I do not desire or am unable to cherish or appreciate the presence of another.

If for some reason, you're curious about me and what my expirence in this vessel is like... perhaps to befriend me or to come close...

Wake me up, intrigue me, convince me, bare with me, most of all... be honest and try to have some respect.

Tell me a little bit about you, your story...

"In silent pleas, my heart has spoke, just cradled away in my torment of hope." (c) J.A.P